September is a start of apples harvest season. It’s no surpise that eating apples is good for your health and that is a lot of truth to old phrase „An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There are many reasons to pick up at least one apple a day.

Firstly, apples are also very good source of dietary fiber. They can keep your body feeling full for a long time without a lot of calories. One medium-size apple has only about 50-80 calories and has identical effect as eating a whole bowl of cereal. Moreover, because so big fiber’s level, apples are excellent at regulation your blood sugar without quick spike of glucose. They can give you more energy because our body take longer to digest complex fiber than simple sugar or grains. Sometimes apples are even called the best fruits for diabetes and according to ADA (American Diabetes Association) they are loaded with vitamins (C and A) and minerals like phosphorus, iron, calcium and pottasium which may promote your heart health.

In addition, in two studies, medical researchers found that eating only five apples with peel a week (that is less than one apple a day) lowered the risk for respiratory diseases like asthma and has been linked with better lung work.

What is more, apples may prevent cancer. Researchers from the AACA (American Association for Cancer Reseach) found that the consumption of flavanol- and quercetin rich apples could help decrease risk od pancreatic cancer up to 25%. Furthermore, scientists at Cornell University have identifed some compounds in apple peel with potential anti growth activity against liver, colon and breast cancer,

Quercetin and vitamin C also boost your immune system (especially when you are stressed). There is over 7 miligrams of vitamin C in medium apple fruit which is about 15 percent of daily recommended intake.

Moreover, some performed studies show that eating apples and drinking apple juice keep Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases away and battle against of aging effects in the human brain thanks to power of the contained antioxidants. Besides, apple vinegar help prevent kidney stones and eating apples can reduce skin diseases and prevent cataracts. So… let’s eat apples!